After Your Personal Injury, Be Sure To Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

After Your Personal Injury, Be Sure To Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

The best compliment you can receive as a Personal Injury Attorney is a referral from a prior client or when friends or family members place their trust in you with their legal issues.  I was recently able to assist two friends who were injured in a car accident that occurred out of State while they were on vacation. The other driver was ticketed, and at fault, for the collision and the rental vehicle my Clients were driving was heavily damaged. It was certainly not the end of the vacation they had hoped for but HIT HAPPENS! 

Fortunately, everyone walked away from the car accident, but they were injured nonetheless.  As far as the rental vehicle, the other driver’s insurer couldn’t seem to coordinate with the rental company to get the vehicle repaired.  Months after the accident, my Clients started receiving demands for payment from the rental car company despite the “at fault” driver’s insurer accepting responsibility for the accident.  It took my involvement to get the two companies to communicate and ultimately settle the property damage claim for the rental.

Back to my Clients’ injuries….
After a very uncomfortable plane ride back to Florida, they sought medical treatment and therapy over the next few months.  Back and neck injuries are common after traffic accidents, but one of the Clients injured his shoulder.  Unfortunately, he was hesitant to take the time and go through yet another MRI to evaluate the shoulder injury.  So many months had passed by the time he decided to seek attention, it would have been extremely difficult to link the shoulder injury to the accident. Especially since the medical notes didn’t specifically address this specific pain.  REMEMBER…it is extremely important to address your injuries immediately after a collision and follow doctors’ advice if there is a need to follow up with a specialist. It is also very important to seek a medical professional who routinely treats these types of injuries and will properly document all injuries and address them appropriately based on symptoms.

Fortunately, after many sessions of physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments, their neck and back injury symptoms were somewhat relieved but will likely have some permanency.

Even though the auto accident occurred in another State, I was still able to negotiate a settlement for their injury claims to pay their medical bills and get them some compensation for their injuries.  Don’t hesitate to call to discuss your rights, even if you have an auto, motorcycle or truck collision in another State.

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