Do you need a Real Estate Litigation Attorney?

Do you need a Real Estate Litigation Attorney?

Following are a few situations:

You face challenges with vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, employees or partners.

Real estate is an interdependent business. If a supplier fails to deliver concrete for a project, or if a subcontractor quits in the middle of a complex remodeling, your business plan can be thrown way off track and create enormous cost overruns. A real estate litigation attorney at Freedom Legal can help you get the best outcome possible in your challenges with your business.

You face government compliance issues, such as permitting problems or environmental site contamination.

When you build or invest in Utah property, you need to adhere closely to Utah’s local, state, and federal guidelines. Whether you’ve been cited for a permit violation, or the government wants you to pay to clean up a toxic heavy metal spill left by the previous owner, Freedom Legal can help you through the property litigation process.

You’re dealing with a complex investment deal “gone wrong.”

Even the most “can’t lose” property deal can become twisted into a nightmare, unexpectedly. Freedom Legal can protect your rights, whether an ex-partner tried to steal a project, or a multimillion-dollar deal cratered, and your personal and business assets are at stake.

Someone got hurt on your property.

A collapsed building structure, fire, crime or other bad event may have placed you in a challenging, emotionally tough situation. Our civil litigation lawyers can defend your company and assets, if you face personal injury litigation or a fight with insurance companies.