FLOOD INSURANCE has become a very hot topic in the Tampa Bay area this summer. With near record rainfall, many streets and neighborhoods experienced significant flooding resulting in devastating damage to homes, businesses and property. Whether you live in a flood prone area or not, Flood insurance is something to seriously consider. Many of the homes and businesses that have been damaged were not necessarily in designated flood zones.

KEEP IN MIND, you homeowners insurance policy does not cover flooding. A generalized explanation of flooding for purposes of insurance is that if the water came from below the surface or touched the ground before entering your property, then it is a flood. If a rood were to be blown off a home in a storm and rain destroyed the interior of the house then it would be covered under your homeowners policy unless you are required to carry separate windstorm insurance. Many of the terms used in an insurance policy are unfamiliar to many people. Here is a link to a glossary of terms available through the website:

PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP when actually filing a flood claim is to be aware of the process and pay close attention to deadlines. the following is a link to a downloadable claim guide found on FEMA.GOV website. This is a step by step guide that you must STRICTLY FOLLOW in order to ensure that your claim is paid. If these rules are not followed and deadlines are missed, you risk losing payment for your flood claim.