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Besides a potentially life threatening situation, your home or business is often devastated not just by the flames, but extinguishing the fire can cause far worse damage between the smoke and water damage that results.

The best protection from any disaster is to fully understand what your policy covers and what it does not cover.  It is then vital to ensure that your property and its contents are properly insured for the correct cost to repair or replace.

Although you may not realize this, the cost of replacing all of your personal belongings is almost always much more than you may think.  Many Insurers will offer a free inventory list form on their websites.  This is one that I found through a google search which would be a reasonable guide:

An ounce of prevention could save your life.  Make sure your smoke detectors are working properly and regularly replace the batteries.  There are many fire prevention tips online as well.

Fires are much more common that many people realize.  Take a look a this “Home Fires” Chart. It provides data and illustrates the progressive increase in both the number of fires but also the cost of those disasters.

Fire Damage? Smoke Damage?


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