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John Mcmenamin of McMenamin Law Group, P.A., is an insurance claim lawyer in Florida handling property Insurance disputes, construction defects, and Personal Injury throughout most of the state.  CALL (727) 372-7595



Have you filed a Property Insurance claim on your home or commercial property?  Are you a condominium association with damage which may be covered by Insurance?   You may need an Insurance Claim Lawyer. Call for a free consultation or policy review.

John F. McMenamin, Jr., of McMenamin Law Group, P.A., handles property Insurance claims throughout most of Florida.  Broken pipe and resulting water damage, windstorm, hail, Hurricane, Tropical storm, lightning, sinkhole, failed sinkhole repairs, to name just a few of the potential claims you may face.

Many people who file an insurance claim have never been through the process and are not clear on their rights as a policyholder.  Insurance companies my request lots of documents from you, they will likely request a recorded statement, they may request an examination under oath (this is much like a deposition) which will require sworn testimony during the process.

The claim will eventually be denied or coverage may be extended for the loss.  If the claim is denied, you may wish to learn more about your policy and your rights.  If the claim is paid, but you do not believe the Insurer has paid a sufficient amount for the damage, call for a free consultation. Insurance claims can be overwhelming since you are dealing with your home or business and you may not fully understand the process.

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