Keep your Kids safe, make sure they can Swim!

FLORIDA HAS THE HIGHEST DEATH RATE BY DROWNING IN THE COUNTRY!  Pool season in Florida will be here in just a few short weeks!  Swim Lessons are essential for every Kid!  Even if your toddler doesn’t enter the pool without a parent present does not mean the child can’t fall in accidentally or even slide in the bathtub and submerge in a split second.  Most Swim schools start working with kids as young as just a few months old.  The sooner your baby or toddler becomes comfortable being in the water, the sooner lessons can begin to teach how to get to the side of the pool which could be the difference between life and death.  Lessons are inexpensive and can prevent tragedies!  Even older children and adults who may not be competent swimmers should take lesson to get more comfortable in the water.  Whether you enjoy your pool or the beach or not, your ability to swim could save a life.  The following are links to organizations intended to be informational resources and I have also listed at least one swim school which offers classes throughout the Tampa Bay area!  Start planning now and sign up for lessons before a preventable tragedy occurs!