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Personal Injury Attorney


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If you were in an accident you may not know what to expect.

An auto accident can leave you wondering what to do next!  If you are injured, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Florida law places time limits on some insurance coverage if you do not seek treatment as required.

Your primary care physician may not be willing to treat you for your injuries sustained in an accident.  An attorney can sometimes assist in finding a local medical professional to treat your injuries.  Shortly after an accident, you may begin receiving calls from an insurance adjuster.

Make sure you know your rights before speaking with anyone from the other driver’s insurance company.

What if my car is damaged beyond repair, what happens if I miss work to attend doctor appointments or to recover from injuries. What if I can’t provide for my family, enjoy time with my children or even care for myself.   All these thoughts may race through your mind just after an accident.

You may not know what to do after your accident or know how to take the first step toward getting life back to normal.

An Attorney may be able to help with these and many other questions you may have.

Motorcycle Accidents

Accidents involving motorcycles are on the rise in Florida. Drivers are often preoccupied with phones, kids and everything other than operating the vehicle.
Injuries to riders are usually serious and most often catastrophic even when wearing a helmet and proper safety gear.

Call an Attorney who understands the serious injuries you may have suffered and the long road to recovery you may face. Ride safe and smart!

Motorcycle crashes accounted for more than ten thousand of the more than three hundred ninety-five thousand crashes in 2016, according to the Florida Highway Safety & Motor Vehicle department.

Protect yourself before you twist the throttle. Make sure you have proper insurance coverage in case disaster strikes. Many drivers don’t have adequate insurance to cover your injuries if they cause the accident. COVER YOURSELF!! Discuss UM (uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage) with your agent. The increase in your insurance premium today could change your life tomorrow. Don’t rely on someone else to make the decision to protect you. Protect yourself with proper coverage!

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According to the Florida Highway Safety & Motor Vehicle department, an average of more than one thousand crashes occurred each day in the State of Florida in 2016.

In fact, each morning you get into your car, buckle your seatbelt, take a sip of coffee from your travel mug and back out of your driveway. The morning commute to work or carline at school begins. Every time you leave your driveway there is, unfortunately, a chance you may be involved in a vehicle accident.

Aside from having a safe and well-maintained vehicle, wearing seatbelts and driving cautiously as possible, the next best way to protect yourself and your family is to make sure you have adequate Insurance.

Auto Insurance rates are sky high in the State and there is no indication those rates will decrease anytime soon. In Florida, we have “no-fault” insurance otherwise known as Personal Injury Protection(PIP) which may pay for a percentage of your medical treatment and lost wages in the event you are involved in an accident. Many drivers on the road may have no insurance at all.

Be smart and protect yourself! Purchase uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM) which will pay for injuries you sustain in the event the other driver is uninsured or underinsured. While the coverage may be relatively expensive for some people, the coverage is priceless in the event you are severely injured by a driver with minimal or no insurance. Talk to your insurance agent about your coverages and make sure you understand what you are purchasing or what you are not purchasing!

Easy Insurance Reference Guide

PIP (Personal Injury Protection) – sometimes referred to as “no fault” insurance.  This insurance is required in Florida and is part of every policy.  This coverage provides up to $10,000.00 in medical coverage and/or a portion of your lost wages if you are injured in an accident regardless of fault.  There are limitations, conditions and strict time requirements to be able to use this coverage.

PD (Property Damage) – This coverage pays for the damage to vehicles damaged in an accident.  The State of Florida has minimal requirements for this coverage.  Consult your Insurance agent to discuss how to protect yourself against underinsured or uninsured drivers on the road.

Collision Coverage – this is optional coverage (Unless the vehicle you drive is financed)

Comprehensive Coverage - This coverage can pay for glass and/or vandalism damage to your vehicle

BI (Bodily Injury coverage) -  This is coverage in your policy that can compensate another motorist or their passenger if they are injured when you are at fault for an accident.  Florida does not currently have a requirement that insured drivers carry this coverage on their policy.  Many drivers on the road today do not have this coverage or have a very small coverage amount.

UM (Uninsured Motorist Coverage) – This coverage is not expensive, it’s Priceless!   A large percentage of drivers on the road today do not have coverage or a small amount of coverage to compensate you if they injure you in a crash. UM coverage protects YOU!  If another driver has no coverage or insufficient coverage to compensate you for your injury, this is coverage on your own policy that can pay for your injuries. 

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