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McMenamin Law Group, P.A., Florida property Insurance lawyer claims, construction defect claims and personal injury cases handled throughout most of the State of Florida.  (727) 741-3913 to speak with an attorney.


This firm is available to assist with the claim process from start to finish.  When disaster strikes and your home or business is damaged or destroyed, you may not know what to do.  It is also very likely that this is the first time you will be dealing with an Insurance adjuster and your Insurance company outside paying your premiums.  Know your rights as a policy holder.  Don’t hesitate to contact this office if you have questions or would like a free consultation regarding your claim.  Many times an explanation of the process and what to expect during your claim can be all that is necessary to get you through the process.


Do you know what is covered by your policy?  The answer from most people is usually “no”.  when you pay the insurance bill and receive your new or renewal policy, that package can end up in your filing without ever being opened.  The time to make sure you have sufficient coverage is BEFORE you have a claim.  Being surprised that you may not have coverage for certain losses or items under your policy can end up costing you a lot of money.  Each year, if your policy is renewed, the insurer will likely send you a few pages of documents which reflect any changes to coverage for that new policy period.


The term “full coverage” has no meaning in Today’s Insurance market in Florida.  Know what your policy says before you need it.  Call for a free policy evaluation or free consultation.   McMenamin Law Group, P.A. (727) 372-7595.


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