Types of property insurance disputes include:

Denied Sinkhole claims and failed repairs for sinkhole damage

Has your insurer performed only a visual inspection and denied your sinkhole claim? Did your insurer deny your sinkhole claim on the grounds that the damage to your home has not reached the severity of Structural damage? Did you follow the Insurers instructions and do the recommended repairs only to find new or additional damage after repairs were completed?

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Fire Damage & Smoke Damage

Fire damage & Smoke Damage to your home or commercial building is devastating, but smoke and water can make it so much worse.

Burst Pipes

Many times a simple plastic part that would cost pennies, is responsible for substantial water damage. While you may have separate flood coverage, coverage for damage resulting from burst pipes may be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. Be cautious, some policies do not provide coverage if the house was vacant for as little as 14 days.

Storm/Hurricane/Hail Damage

Hurricanes and storms are a part of everyday life in Florida. Storms with strong winds can topple trees, rip off roofs and cause major damage. Make sure you are properly insured.


Has your home or commercial building suffered a collapse? Most insurance policies narrowly define this word when it comes to coverage.
Property Insurance Lawyer - Storm Damage
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