Real Estate Contract Law

Residential or Commercial, I can ensure your best interests are covered before you sign a contract or lease.

Buying a home or property is often the most significant investment most people will ever make in their lifetime.
Read the contract for sale or purchase before signing it! Ask questions and make sure you understand what you are signing BEFORE signing on the dotted line.
Are you selling a property? Have you made all the necessary disclosures? If you are selling a property, you have an obligation to disclose any known defects or many types of prior repairs.
Did you buy a property and the prior owner failed to disclose problems? You may have legal recourse if you discover hidden damage that was not disclosed even after you close on the property purchase. Know your rights.

Do you have a residential or commercial rental property and need a lease? Are you protecting yourself from your renters? Do you have proper insurance coverage for your rental? If you are presented with a commercial lease for your new business, you may want an attorney to review, and possibly negotiate the terms on your behalf.

Just a few of the many reasons you may wish to consult a Real Estate Transactions Attorney. Call for your free consultation.

Free Real Estate Law Consultation

Contracts, leases, and undisclosed damage are just a few of the many reasons you may wish to consult an Attorney. Call for your free consultation.

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