So, you had a car accident… Now what?

So, you had a car accident… Now what?

Your Car was towed away but maybe you don’t feel like you are injured to the point where you need an ambulance.

You might feel “o.k.” after the wreck but you may start to experience some pain in the days or even weeks following the accident. Do you call your primary care physician? It’s likely they will
refuse to see you for injuries sustained in an accident. Where do you turn for help?
You can always visit the local emergency room or urgent care clinic. However, it is important that you seek treatment as soon as you experience pain or other symptoms which may be related to the crash.

Florida law places strict time constraints on access to your auto insurance benefits related to when you seek treatment.

What do I do next?

As soon after the accident as possible, contact your insurer and report the accident. You may start receiving calls from the other driver’s insurance company if they were at fault in the accident. You may eventually need to speak with them, but you may wish to consult with an attorney before taking this step.
It is important to understand the process as well as your rights regardless of whether you hire an attorney.

…To be continued