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So your home or business has been damaged or destroyed by a storm, what do you do?  Hopefully you have appropriate and adequate insurance to cover your losses.  Keep in mind, that Hurricane damage usually has a separate deductible which is much more than a standard deductible.  The last thing that you would want to find out after a claim is that you didn’t have proper coverage and you are stuck with huge repair bills.  Many changes to Insurance has happened in Florida since the last storms.   For example, most policies exclude coverage for “Pool cages”.  There is always the issue of what caused interior damage to your home.  In order for hurricane insurance to cover inside damage, a covered peril(cause) must have created a breach in the building thereby letting water inside.  This is a stark contrast to Flood Coverage which is not part of a standard policy but must be purchased separately.  The easiest way to explain flood coverage in general is that if water touches the ground before entering your home, then it is flood damage and not hurricane related.  It may make sense to look into purchasing Flood Insurance even if you are not in a known flood zone.

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