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Wind Storms, Hail Storms, Straight line wind gusts, Tropical storms, Tornados and Hurricanes.  These are just a few of the weather related hazards Floridians face throughout the year.   Hurricane Season begins June 1st and Ends in November.  While Florida has not suffered a direct hit from a Hurricane in ten years, the likelihood of a storm making landfall in the Sunshine State increases exponentially with each passing year.  When a storm does hit (and it will) you need to be prepared.  The following is a partial list of ways to prepare for Hurricane season:

  1. Don’t let 10 years of no storms allow complacency!
  2. Make a video and written inventory of the contents of your home. You will be surprised how much “stuff” you have.
  3. Save receipts from major purchases make sure you have a record of the serial number for expensive electronics.
  4. Create a “go bag” which can be used if an evacuation becomes necessary. Make sure your insurance policy and any important documents in the bag as well.
  5. Make a conscious effort to keep your vehicle full of fuel. In the event of an evacuation, long lines at the gas stations, insufficient supply and traffic can create a very dangerous situation.  Something as simple as keeping your tank full can possibly save your life.
  6. Make a family plan for meeting places and specific instructions in the event of an evacuation. Share this plan with your friends and family who will be worried about you in an evacuation.

It only takes a few minutes to be prepared for the entire season.

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