Is your home less than 10 years old?  Are you experiencing water intrusion or other problems which could be related to defective construction? 

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During the construction explosion before the recession hit, and even some houses built in the past few years, have experienced defects which may not be visible for several years.  It is hard not to notice how fast new houses spring up and there are bound to be some shortcuts taken or simply mistakes made by some builders or subcontractors.

I have fielded calls from homeowners with problems ranging from Water intrusion due to improperly installed stucco to termites infesting cabinets which were installed when the home was built and a host of other issues in between.

Many problems do not become obvious to the naked eye until a few years after construction.  Make sure to examine the exterior of your home routinely.  The sooner you spot a potential problem, the cost is almost always a lot less than if the problem is ignored for even a short time.

If you or someone you know is experiencing these types of Defective Construction problems, you may have questions and need a construction litigation lawyer. John McMenamin is a Tampa construction lawyer.

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