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Pipe Burst in the wall or under your floor?  Dishwasher or washing machine hose break?   Water is pouring out and flowing all over the house.  What do you do?  Usually your first call will be to a plumber.  You may also choose to call a water mitigation and restoration company.  Most companies do a great job and work well with homeowners but almost all require you to sign an “assignment of benefits” to begin work.  This assignment means that you have agreed to give up your right to some or all of insurance benefits that your insurance company may ultimately pay and assigned the right to that payment to the water restoration company.  In some instances, you may not realize what you are signing when you are in a state of emergency and panicking to get the water stopped and your home dried out.  Remember, not all causes of water damage are covered by your insurance policy and your claim could potentially be denied.  You may then be stuck with a bill for thousands of dollars since the document you signed was likely also a promise to pay in the event that your insurer did not.  Be aware of what you are signing and don’t always rely on what you are told over the phone by your insurer or anyone else.

It is always a good idea to consider a flood insurance policy for inexpensive peace of mind in case your home or business suffers water damage.

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