Wind Damage
This wood frame and stone house was totally destroyed by this natural disaster. An EF2 tornado touched down in this residential neighborhood in the early spring. The house had to be leveled and a new home was built in its place.

Wind Damage

Wind damage isn’t unusual in Florida, whether a tornado, straight line winds during a storm or a hurricane occur.

Wind damage can range from minor roofing damage to devastation.  It may be a good idea to inspect the exterior of your home and the roof if a particularly violent storm occurs.  Water intrusion into your home is a major problem.  Shingles can be lifted by the winds, driving water into an unprotected area of your roof or the damage may be more obvious where portions of tile or shingles are missing or crooked.  If you are not able to perform a thorough inspection, consult with a reputable licensed professional to inspect any damage or suspected damage to your home.

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